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Let's try this again.

Hey all. I'm Lindsay. I used to blog at on a range of political and current events issues, but this is my personal journal. I failed at updating that blog often enough, but if you want to read my old ramblings, go right ahead.

I like rainbows. I'm a nerdy femme with dreams of being a badass activist. I hesitate to call myself a full-on activist because I could always do more.

I have a few physical/mental health issues as well as a lovely (and I really do mean this, at least sometimes) bit of neurodiversity. I talk about disability and disability politics a lot.

I occasionally call myself a "multimedia artist", meaning I write, take photos, sing, play various instruments, rant in public, dance, act and do various forms of performance, in no particular order.

I am easily won over by cute things, including but not limited to; the Muppets, Fraggles, Hello Kitty, Domo-Kun, Care Bears, and the like.

I gave up on keeping my journal friends-only, but I still keep any entries that are more personal on lock. If you want to read the protected entries, simply shoot me a comment telling me how you "know" me. I'm perfectly cool on adding people who read my blog, who I share interests with, who are part of communities I'm part of, or who "know" me from elsewhere on the interwebs, but not into adding random strangers who are sketchy.

I will also not add you if you are:
-Anti-sex worker
-Anti-sex in general
-A troll
-A bot
-A plain ol' jerk

Not any of the above? Talk to me!


Oh yes, and one day, I'll show you the weird things I can do with my elbows.

I like it when people read my writing. So please read and comment lots.

One more thing - I can, indeed, spell, despite whatever stupid typos I may commit while tired.

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